Falling into Fell

One of my favorite things about beginning a new creative project is the world-building. 

For Blood Ink & Fire, I created Fell, a world without books. A place where stories are forbidden. 

 "Welcome to Fell. The power that protects. The power that controls."

"Welcome to Fell. The power that protects. The power that controls."

Fell is a little bit like life inside The Truman Show meets Fahrenheit 451. But Fell has a sinister, chilling quality that's all its own. 

The world of Blood Ink & Fire had about a dozen other names before it became Fell. In no particular order, there was...

  • The Network (I lived with this name for a while, but eventually decided it was too Terminator-y.)
  • ScapeNet (Same problem as above.)
  • CadgeNet (Okay, so we've established that different forms of 'Something-Net' were not working. At all.)
  • Factum (I didn't mind this so much, since Fell is a place all about facts, but it just wasn't grabbing me.)

None of these names felt right. I was stumped. I couldn't move forward until I knew what the place, what the entity of Blood Ink and Fire would be called. I felt the right name would set the tone for the chapters (maybe even the books) yet to be written.

So I got to thinking: What is a place without books and stories? Well, it may be a futuristic society, but it must also be a primitive one too. Historically, the loss of the written word sent human beings backwards and it seemed to me that the loss would be a bit like falling. Falling from grace, from enlightenment and knowledge. Except that the fall had already happened in my story...

That's how Fell was born. 

When a name for a place or a character is right, it just clicks. You don't have to 'make it work' or 'live with it'. It just starts breathing.

What do you think? Did I make the right choice?