We're Live: Blood Ink & Fire.com

This summer has been amazing, but not for any of the typical reasons. I did not go swimming, or get a tan. (Heck, it’s possible I’m even paler than I was in the winter.) We filled up our BBQ gas tank with good intentions, but we did not BBQ. Not even once.

So what was so great about this summer, you ask?

I took a strange leap of faith. I began sharing my writing journey over Instagram. At first, it was just a fun way to connect with a community of humans who love books and stories as much as I do.

But then things got exciting.

People were, like, genuinely interested. In my writing! In the journey! In me…?

As someone who had never really done this type of thing before, I found this a very strange wave to be riding. But I stuck with it, posting photo after photo of my boring little writing life, somehow managing to connect with those like me who thought there’s nothing cooler than a screenshot of a manuscript’s word count.

As I spent my summer writing and posting, people wanted to know exactly what I was up to.

That’s how project Blood Ink &Fire was born; out of a moment of inspiration, a community of amazing people who cared and spurred me on (thank you!!), and a summer spent letting people share in the story of Blood Ink &Fire by becoming part of its creation.

Now, Blood Ink &Fire, my YA dystopian sci-fi novel, has a home. It’s live, and I can hardly believe it.

Summer’s almost over, but I’m not done yet. Want to hop on that wave with me?